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Special mushroom cap head bolt
Adjustable foot bolt
Mushroom cap head ellipse neck bolt
Self Drill Wall Anchor
Tool Cart - Hygiene Trolley

Qingdao East & West International Trading Co. Ltd

"Offering a Supply Chain Management Solution from mainland China"


-Your bridge to the Far East-


    As a wholly  British  owned  business based in the famous city of Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, Qewitco has become a key supplier of a wide range of Industrial Consumable products to many customers throughout Europe and around the world.


Qewitco started to be runned in British way since April 2004  to manage the supply of Industrial Consumable  Products  from  mainland  China  to  it's  UK  based Group.  In the last 6 years, Qewitco has developed  an  infrastructure  to  manage  the procurement  and  supply  of  a  wide  range of  products  from mainland China and the Far East. In reality, if it's "Made in China" then Qewitco can supply it!!


As a Western owned, styled and lead company, Qewitco can offer a high level of service which includes dedicated Account Management, Quality  Control,  Special Products  & Packaging, Delivery & Currency options etc.


It is Qewitco's objective to "Delight the Customer" and provide a "worry free" service from Factory to Warehouse.  


Qewitco - A "Western style"  business bringing you "Far Eastern Value"



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