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Use of screws

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Screws are seen a lot in daily life, but how do you fix that small screw? That's right, it's a screwdriver. Without a screwdriver, screws alone are useless, and screwdrivers and screws alone are useless. Use each screw exactly where it is needed.

With the advent of screws, the constant use and variety has made the tools used to fix screws become more important. Screwdrivers, from a single single-bladed screwdriver to other shapes such as cruciform and plum blossom. Our winning screw has also recently been producing inner self-tapping screws, which shows that the torque on the screw head is getting larger and larger. The requirements of factory customers for the use of screws are also increasing.

However, the screwdriver and screws alone are not used in the correct place. The screw is useless. How can I use the screw in the correct place? Take wallboard nails, for example. We all know that wall nails are drywall nails. As the name implies, they are used for walls. If we use it to fix the case of the TV, that is not possible. Fixing the TV's casing requires a self-tapping screw with a round head. Wallboard nails have a wider thread than round-head tapping screws. If the TV case is fitted with wallboard nails, the casing will be scrapped, and the wallboard nails' threads will be damaged. Should use self-tapping screws with round head. A wrong choice hurts both sides.

Therefore, the key is to use the screw in the real place.



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