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5-step management method for fastener lubrication

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In recent years, more and more fastener companies have begun to realize the importance of equipment lubrication. Some professional products and services, such as oil testing services, precision filtration devices, special grease applications, have solved many equipment problems. It now appears that comprehensive improvements from the gear selection and refueling of equipment gearboxes, friction pairs, oil, pipe oil, etc. are the best solutions to obtain greater actual benefits and get twice the result with half the effort. People in the industry have found that the input-output ratio of this work is almost a hundred times.

5-step management method for fastener lubrication

At present, most fastener companies generally do not establish a special equipment lubrication management system. Lubricants are often ignored and equipment fails. The leaders of the company first identify mechanical reasons such as spare parts, processing accuracy, and installation, and neglect to account for 80% of accidents. More than% failures are caused by improper oil selection and maintenance. Enterprises lack the guidance of lubrication technicians. More than 95% of them lack oil knowledge and neglect the lubrication work. There is a misuse of oil or improper use of oil, which results in short equipment life, low production efficiency, and frequent accidents, which leads to energy misuse Necessary waste. The emphasis is on technological improvement and light maintenance; the heavy purchase and light operation; strong maintenance and weak lubrication are more common.

The five-step management method of lubrication is to select various types of cold heading machines, continuous mesh belt furnaces, chain belt warm heading production lines, punches, surface treatment coating or electroplating production lines, etc. for fastener companies. Oil, oil purchase, refueling, oil use to oil management, and a whole set of pipes, collectively referred to as the 5-step lubrication management method. The gear box and friction pair are the core of the 5-step management method of lubrication.

1.Pipe oil

① Establish the concept of active maintenance and change passive maintenance into active service. Use the data to judge the wear limit value and reduce the way of thinking with more experience, less science, and feeling.

② Jianli and sound lubrication chart, operate according to the computer lubrication chart. Constantly enrich and improve the formulation of various lubrication standards, the necessary self-provided testing methods and outsourced testing are combined to establish and improve lubrication stations (main stations and substations).

③Precise, large, scarce and critical equipment of the enterprise must be monitored regularly to eliminate the problems in the bud. Speed up the cultivation of lubrication technology talents, and adopt the rapid cultivation method of training lubricating backbone while working on projects, learning.

2, oil selection

①Choose according to the oil selection basis (the cold heading machine is mainly load, speed, temperature and medium, and the other four conditions are considered when the other conditions are met).

② Choose suitable oil for suitable working conditions, value for money, because the cost of equipment maintenance is more than 20 times the cost of lubricants, and the cost of lubricants only accounts for 3% to 5% of the entire maintenance cost. The upgrading of oil products has become the norm.

3.Purchasing oil

① It must be established that oil product procurement is based on equipment working conditions, and the concept of price selection must be changed. Purchasing oil products and equipment adheres to three or more comparisons, and the fittest survives.

② All oil purchases should be inspected before application. Well-known oil brands are preferred, and we work with oil suppliers who have good after-sales service and can provide comprehensive lubrication solutions.

4, come on

① First of all, it is necessary to clarify what kind of lubrication is needed for the equipment lubrication point, so as to unify the understanding. Suitable for cold heading machine working conditions, intelligent oil collecting device centralized lubrication, oil and gas lubrication and single-point automatic refueling device are currently the best choices.

② Upgrading of the company's refueling equipment should adhere to three or more cargo comparisons, and the best solution should be selected. It is very important to choose a supplier of lubrication equipment and equipment. The proposed solution must be advanced in technology, reasonable in price, and follow-up services throughout the whole process, and cooperate with a supplier of lubrication equipment that can provide a comprehensive solution.

5.Use oil

① Pay attention to the three factors that deteriorate the oil products, namely solid (particles, etc.), liquid (water, etc.) and gas. According to the detection data of three factors, once it exceeds the standard, one will do the rehabilitation and the other will change the oil.

② Purchasing oil filtration and purification equipment or equipment adheres to the principle of three or more goods comparisons, and choose oil filtration and purification equipment or equipment suppliers who can provide comprehensive oil filtration solutions. The proposed solution must be advanced in technology, reasonable in price, and For full tracking services.

③ Eliminate oil mixing, avoid oil substitution, and change oil after cleaning. Adhere to the idea that oil products should be recovered and waste oil should be recovered, 90% of oil products can be recovered, and the true waste oil should not exceed 10%.

In short, the lubrication of fastener equipment in China has been lagging behind for many years. In the process of handling equipment failures, ignoring 80% of hydraulic failures is caused by improper oil lubrication. Therefore, we must improve our understanding of equipment lubrication. It is hoped that the practice of the 5-step management method of lubrication will be inspirational to the managers and decision makers of enterprises, and to establish a lubrication management system suitable for their own enterprises as soon as possible.

5-step management method for fastener lubrication
In recent years, more and more fastener companies have begun to realize the importance of equipment lubrication.
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