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prone problems when creating fasteners

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We know that automotive fasteners indicate that for any kind of mechanical parts processing and manufacturing, only on the basis of ensuring quality can we better improve productivity and ensure production efficiency. In the process of manufacturing and remanufacturing each kind of part, some relatively easy problems will appear. The professionals of Shanghai fastener manufacturers will say that only by avoiding these emerging problems can production be made. Guaranteed quality. Here, we briefly introduce the problems that are more likely to occur when creating fasteners.

When we are making high-strength screws, sometimes we find white residual substances on such screws, and these residual substances are phosphides. The reason for such a substance is that during the manufacturing process, high-strength screws are not cleaned with acidic cleaning agents, and because the rinsing tank is not inspected, such production problems also occur.

For the manufacture of large-scale fasteners, it is generally subjected to the production process of quenching with an aqueous solution of a polymer, but if it is before the quenching, the size of the fastener is washed with an alkaline cleaner, after that we You will find rust inside the fastener. The solution to this problem is to exchange the rinsing liquid to ensure that the fastener will not rust when not in use.

prone problems when creating fasteners
We know that automotive fasteners indicate that for any kind of mechanical parts processing and manufacturing
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