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What are the problems with cleaning fasteners

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Automotive fasteners indicate that during the manufacturing process of fasteners, they generally undergo cleaning. It is in such necessary links that due to improper methods and other reasons, some problems in the manufacturing process of the fasteners occur. Here, the following editor introduces the problems that easily occur when cleaning fasteners.

We will talk about the problems that occur after cleaning after quenching. For the normal manufacturing process, after the fastener is quenched, it is necessary to use a solution with silicate to clean it, and then rinse it. Carry it out very seriously, because at this time, if you are not careful, some dirt will be left on the fasteners, then such fasteners are substandard products.

For this part of the next introduction, although it is somewhat disconnected from cleaning, it also needs to be immersed with a solution. That is to say, when the fastener is tempered, fading will inevitably occur. After such a situation occurs, a better treatment method is to dip it with ether. However, there will be oily residue in doing so. The reason for this is that the fasteners are not stacked reasonably when heated, so that the oxidation condition occurs during the quenching process.



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